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The Laboratories  on Saturday afternoons they offer children a creative space that they promote  the artistic expression and mutual knowledge between the inhabitants of the area of all ages: having fun  in building masks, puppets, objects in wood and with recycled materials.  Through  there  manual skills, creativity is reactivated.  Children and adults relax, discover themselves as artists.


The Association has always entrusted the guide to experts, such as the puppeteers of the Sarzi Foundation  or the professional atelieristas of the Cinque Minuti Association, who with their art stimulated the desire to try in young and old.

The meeting just before Christmas 2019 was significant: children and adults of the most diverse ethnic groups spent a nice Saturday afternoon listening to Christmas carols, stories that invited solidarity and sipping hot chocolate together, poured into the cup. that everyone had brought from home (no plastic). Values are transmitted in simplicity.

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