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Who we are

The Mattone su Mattone Association was founded in 2012 by a group of citizens of Cella, motivated by the goal of following the reconstruction process of the kindergarten on April 25th, rendered unusable by the earthquake of May 2012. The April 25th was the first kindergarten in Reggio Emilia, built in 1945 by farmers and workers of the town, who strongly wanted this place,  to "regenerate" their community at the end of the war. 

Thus, on November 9, 2012, the Mattone su Mattone Association was born which adopted a statute, which outlines its aims and regulates its life.

Mindful of the history of the nursery school, the Association, during the process of restoration and safety of the same, became aware of the need for a new reconstruction of the civil community. He wanted from the beginning to act as a point of reference and glue for the entire population of Cella,  starting from the school as a fundamental cornerstone, proposing  cultural and recreational initiatives, promoting the common good with its projects and in particular the integration of new inhabitants from other countries and other parts of Italy.

In summary, if the reason for establishing itself as an association originated from putting the bricks of a school back together, it subsequently turned into the much more radical request to put back together the "living stones" of a community, in view of its future represented by children and teenagers.

It seems to the Association that in the current social context so fragmented and fluid, it is necessary: 

- meet among citizens who participate and are attentive to educational issues, 

- be close to young people, so that they are capable of meaningful relationships and sensitive to human needs.

On 18/02/2014 it became an ONLUS and from September 2020 it was registered in the register of voluntary organizations of the Emilia Romagna region  with the name "Brick on Brick ODV" at number odv003712

The association wants to pursue these purposes:

  • Build educational projects for children and young people,  enhancing and rearranging the areas of the territory that are little used;

  • Sensitize the adult community to educational issues,  through cultural activities of various kinds that can meet the different sensitivities / interests of people.

Who we collaborate with

The Association has always interfaced with the institutions (the kindergarten 25 April, the Ferrari primary school, the Municipal Administration,  social services) and with other associations in the area  (parishes, Arci clubs, sports clubs)  to concretely share projects and values. 

Despite having small dimensions, Brick on Brick always has  collaborated with various subjects and professionals from the world of culture, education and art. We mention only a few: Sarzi family foundation, Cinqueminuti Association, Crescere Project, Cavriago City Choir, Diocesan Institute of Music and Liturgy, Parma Ethics.

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