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This project was born in 2005 due to the will of some citizens to give substance to the value of solidarity and equality, pursuing two fundamental objectives:

  1.   The promotion of the right to study of children from the most vulnerable social groups in the area

  2. The opening of public educational spaces in the afternoon in territorial contexts poor in services and cultural offers


The project has been supported in recent years by the Mattone su Mattone Association, which has tried to do its utmost to ensure that the Municipality, given the aging of the founders, would not let  a valuable, free educational resource. Through participation in calls for proposals launched by the Sport Foundation and by the Department of Social Policies, the Association has kept this After-School School alive, which is held twice a week, during the school months in the parish premises of Cella. Primary school children are followed in carrying out their homework and subsequently in playing.


From La Freccia Azzurra, a precious meeting place, friendship and observatory of many needs, many of the projects promoted by the Association have sprung up.

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